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Orange Street Flood - 1913

A view of Orange Street during the 1913 flood.

North Franklin Street Flood - 1913

A lone boy stands in the middle of flooded North Franklin Street with Kallmerton & Baer, located on the corner of East Fifth and Franklin at 77 East Fifth, in the background. The only other visible business in Warren B. Myers blacksmith shop. Also,…

North Diamond Street Flood- 1913

This postcard captures an image looking north on North Diamond Street. The building in the distance with the Mail Pouch Tobacco sign is located on the corner of Diamond and East Sixth streets and contained Mrs. Charlotte W. Hall's restaurant and…

West Sixth and Mulberry Flood - 1913

People gather and Look west on West 6th St. from Mulberry, after the flood of 1913. On the right is the Mansfield Lumber Co. and on the left is Gust A Krumm's "Variety Store." The top of the iron bridge on Sixth street is just visible above the…

East 5th St. Flood - 1913

The image is misidentified as East 6th St. This is actually looking east down East 5th, C. D. Appleman's scrap iron wholesale shop, located at 57 E. 5th, is the only name visible in the image, A streetcar is also further up the street and the rear…

Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio

Photo looking south on North Main Street from Temple Court. The Masonic Lodge/Post Office is off to the left. Louis Sam's Laundry is to the right, on the west side of the street. Streetlight arches arc over the street and three streetcars pass one…

Park Avenue West from Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio

Looking west on Park Avenue West from Main Street. On the left is The Mechanics Saving and Loan Company and to the right is the YMCA.

Park Avenue, Looking West, Mansfield, Ohio

Park Avenue West, looking west from Main Street. On the corner of Main and Park Avenue west is The Mechanics Savings and Loan company building.

Park Ave. West from Main St., Mansfield, Ohio

Looking west on Park Avenue West from Main Street.

Mansfield's New Skyline, Mansfield, Ohio

Image of South Main Street at the corner of Park Avenue West. The southwest corner of central park is visible.