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Parade on Main Street

A large unidentified marching band plays in a parade on Main Street, a group of soldiers follows the band.

Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio

Photo looking south on North Main Street from Temple Court. The Masonic Lodge/Post Office is off to the left. Louis Sam's Laundry is to the right, on the west side of the street. Streetlight arches arc over the street and three streetcars pass one…

Main Street Looking South, Mansfield, Ohio

Looking south on Main Street from Central Park. on the loft is the Southern Hotel.

Main Street, Mansfield, O

Looking north on Main Street from Park Ave West. Central Park is located on the right.

Mansfield, Ohio, North Main St. from Third

View of North Main Street looking north from Third St. On the right at 46 North Main St is Cook's Clothing Co.

Main Street, Looking North, Mansfield, Ohio

View of North Main Street looking north from Park Ave. West. On the right is The Mansfield Dry Goods Company and Berno's.

Main Street North, Mansfield, Ohio

View looking north on North Main Street from Third St. Visible is the F. W. Woolworth Company on the left and the Vonhof Hotel is visible to the right.

Main Street looking North, Mansfield, O

View looking north on Main Street at the intersection of North Main and Third Streets. Cook's Clothing is on the northeast corner.

Main Street North, Mansfield, Ohio

View looking north on North Main Street. To the left is the Mansfield Savings Bank building which still stands today. On the right is Volkmor Shoes.

Mansfield, Ohio. Main Street looking South from Fourth Street

A view of North Main St. taken from fourth street looking south at the turn of the century. These building are mostly gone now. To the right today is the Richland Carousel.