Letter from George W Cummins to David Cummins - 20 OCT 1864

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Letter from George W Cummins to David Cummins - 20 OCT 1864



Letter written by George Wallace Cummins to his brother David Cummins on 20 OCT 1864 when George was in camp near Jamesville, Alabama.


George Wallace Cummins


20 OCT 1864













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Camp near Jamesville Ala
Oct 20th 1864
Dear Brother
I received your kind letter of late, Sept 15, and was glad to hear that you was all well. My health is some better than it was some time ago. We are now on the march after Genl Hood. tho where we will go God only knows. Genl Sherman swears he will follow him to the Gulf before he stops. We are living off of the country on sweet potatoes, fresh beef and corn meal and sorgum molasses. Bully living ain’t it. Well I am not at home yet but my chances are now good as Genl Grant has desided that all officers that has served three years and has not been De mustered since the regt

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veterand (veterans?) can be mustered out if they wish. So I will try as soon as this campaign is over and we are payed off as I have eight months pay due and if I don’t get it before I am out of the service. I will (?) to until sometime. So I think it best to look out for No 1 first. I am glad to hear of Abe taking unto himself a wife. I hope he will settle in Mansfield. I have not heard from Abe for almost a year but yet I have a brothers love for him whether he has for me or not. Yet I hope he lives well. David what do you think about old Abe now. Don’t you see how he stands in the army all right. Poor little Mack has got into the wrong pew. He is a good man but poor associates. I mean the levelers of

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the party. Yet every man to his own notion. I am not as ultra as some are. I don’t condemn a man because he does not vote as I do. It is our priviledge to vote and think as we please. I have many friends on both sides of the question. But enough of this. I received a letter from Miss Kathie today. She told me she was gowing to house keeping and anything she may want I trust you will assist her in getting as I expect to be to home this fall and will marry and settle down. I don’t think of gowing into business before Spring without I have a good chance but I must do something this winter enough to keep me. Anyhow if you see any good sights let me know. What does cousin Billy intend to do. Has he made up his mind yet or is he still feasting on honeymoon yet?

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Billy is a gay old fellow and he is now undoutly perfectly happy. May God bless them booth and send them fourth fruit according to their labor in their old days. I am glad to hear of Rebecca gowing home. It was the best thing she could do. I expect father will look for me to go back onto the farm but I fear he and I can not get along as we ought to and it will not be best for me to do so. What do you think of it. He has some very queer ideas and I know some of us should be with him as he has been a kind father. But I don’t like the (Trucks?) family. They cheated father out of thousands of dollars in the last 12 years. Hoping this will reach you. I will close. Ever your brother GW



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