Letter from Abraham Cummins to his brother - 23 SEP 1864

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Letter from Abraham Cummins to his brother - 23 SEP 1864



Letter written by Abraham C Cummins to his brother, most likely, David Cummins on 23 SEP 1864 when Abraham.


Abraham C. Cummins


23 SEP 1864













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Saint Louis Mo
Sept 23rd 1864

My dear Brother:
I have received no letter from you since my return from Ohio. I expect to be married on the 13th of Oct. and inform you this early so that yourself and family may have no other engagements on that day. I will return one week before this time. When do you expect George? Will you be kind enough to write me immediately and let me know where a letter would reach him and whether he expects to resign this fall or not. I hope he may come home.

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The draft has made a very clean sweep among my friends in the city. Dr. Wortman, David Mickey and almost every man I know in our ward have been favored by the wheel of fortune. I did not expect to escape and had concluded to try again the fortunes of war. I am free now I suppose for the draft is over. Then 898 drafted –including the 100 percent—and only 96% enrolled almost one half. This is what I call a heavy percentage.
Substitutes are worth from 1500 to 3000 and hard to get at any price. Frank McMillen was not drafted. You may tell his friends. I expected he would be.

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We are supplying the Dept of Ark. and our business is between here and Little Rock on the River. My health has been poor and I have remained most of the time at this place. I attempted to go to Memphis but was compelled to turn back at Cairo on account of my health. I am very busy shipping Forage now. Send off a charted boat ladened every day and by the time the papers are all made out I am ready to quit.
Tell Ange of my wedding plans and my sisters have been informed. You may tell Father if you see him. My love to all and a kiss to Mary Jane.
Your brother Abe

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