Letter from George Wallace Cummins to David Cummins - 11 SEP 1864

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Letter from George Wallace Cummins to David Cummins - 11 SEP 1864



Letter written by George Wallace Cummins to his brother David Cummins on 11 SEP 1864 when George was in Chattanooga, Tenn.


George Wallace Cummins


11 SEP 1864













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Mustering office 3rd Division
4 Army Corps
Chattanooga Tenn
David Cummins Esq Sept 11th 1864
Dear Brother
Your kind letter of the 18th (unintelligible) was received in due time but circumstances were such I could not answer as soon as I wished as on the 25th our army moved wich you have undoutly heard off ere this and I had no time to write.
Well you have heard of the fall of Atlanta undoutly ere this. Shermans last moovement has been one of the most brilliant movements of the war. We dislodged the enemy from their strong hold with but little loss of life on our side and compelled the enemy to evacuate the besieged city by one of his well planned flank movements. I was ordered to this place on the 4th for the purpose of mustering out the (non?)-veterans of our

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Regiment. Most of their time expires from the 12th to 15th but Co K does not go out until the 25th and I expect to remain here till then. My health has been quite poor and I am not contented since I feele that I am conscripted. I am bound to go out some way but they will not muster me out. Our Surgeon is hear and if money will do any good I will get discharged for disability and if I can’t do that at present I will try and get home on a leave of absence of 20 days as I consider my honor is at stake and I am bound to fulfill my promise. If I can I may be sent home with the men but there is not anything certain about it. If I get an order to take the men home I will telegraph to you and I want you to tell Miss Hattie to be in readiness as I cannot remain more than tow or three days at home. Do not say anything to the rest of the foulks about this. I shall try my utmost to get out of the service first but the chances is poor

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only on a Sergeants Certificate.
I meet cousin David and Lt. Leiter at Atlanta when I was coming up hear. They were getting along finely. I heard this morning that our Division was gowing to garrison Atlanta. I hope it is true but I fear there is no such good news as that to our old Divs. I am glad to hear of Capt Billy and Mollie Morrow making a match as I think they will suit verry well together. I wish them a long and happy life and may they be blessed with all the comforts of a married life. If I don’t get home send me a pair boots by the first chance.
Remember me to all
my friends
I am ever your

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