Letter from George Wallace Cummins to David Cummins - 23 APR 1864

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Letter from George Wallace Cummins to David Cummins - 23 APR 1864



Letter written by George Wallace Cummins to his brother David Cummins on 31 MAR 1864 when George was in "McDannal Station East Tenn."


George Wallace Cummins


23 APR 1864













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McDannal Station East Tenn
April 23d 1864
David Cummins Esq
Shelby Ohio
Dear Brother
I am in receipt of your kind letter of the 14th wich came to hand yesterday. It was a welcome visitor as I was quite anxious to hear how the Friends was all getting along as I have not heard from none since you wrote to me from Nunkrk N.Y. I am glad to hear that they are getting along so well. My health has not been very good since I returned to the field. I don’t think I can stand it longer than July anyhow. C.P> Liter is again with us and I expect will be assined to my Co as Lt. Lord has been promoted to 1st Lieut. Our friend Joe Welker has received a commission as 2d Lt. Joe is a worthy young man and will make a good officer and I am glad to hear of him getting a (?) as he is justly entitled to one. Col Gibson is now in command of the Brigade. We drill six hours per day so you see we are not idle. The wether has been very could hear for this time off the year. But everything begins to look green once more. I think we will remain here for some time.

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At least that is the general supposition that we will not movve until something is done in the Eastern Dept. Yesterday I saw one of our old Aubern (?) Obediah Banes. He is now Captain in the 125th Ind Regt wich has been just organized this spring. He was looking well and I should think make a good officer.
You spoke about Mrs. Smith formerly (Miss Smolley). If I should see her again I will try and get part of that account if not all. But I am afraid it is rather doubtful case. I think it could be collected in one way providing you would take her kind of trade at (?) prices. But I can’t say wether It would be profitable for you to do so or not. As you have conscientious scruples about such things I advise you to turn the doing over to Hank Smiley or JK Fraiser as I thing they could do the claim justice—what do you think.
I have just received a letter from Miss Hatting stating that she had received that dress that we talk off and was much leased with you last for which I am under many obligations to youfor and hope I can some day return the favor. Of course, I am very sorry to hear that Miss Belia B is married but it can be helped now for such is life May her shadow never grow less is my wish. Remember me to all our friends. Tell lie I recd his letter will answer soon. I am respectfully your Brother George

P.S. Please give me the initials of Prof. (Gilliland?) as I want to write

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