Partial letter from George Wallace Cummins to brother - No Date

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Partial letter from George Wallace Cummins to brother - No Date



Partial letter written by George Wallace Cummins to his brother, most likely David Cummins. The first four pages are missing.


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Partial letter—

Page 5

How thoughtfull and kind you are. I feel grately indebted to you for you kindness.
I have one thing to say confidential. I was pained to hear a report that is in circulation about our sister Rebecca which if not true—and I can’t believe it is—the one that started it will be oblige to suffer for the liebill. Young Strock who is in your store wrote to a member of my Co that Rebecca was in the family way. The letter was lost and a friend of mine thought it his duty to tell me. I could not sleep until I received your letter. But as you did not say anything about it I come to the conclusion it was false and the one that started the

(Page 2) Page 6

the report should be brought to justice. I want to know if such is the case and who the Demon is that has disgrace our sister and I will reak revenge out of his heart—blood. Nothing else will even satisfy me for the act—but yet I can’t think it is so for I have to much confidence in her for that. And if it is not, Young Strock better never show himself in the streets of Shelby if I am there for I will Shoot like a dog in the streets. For it is to much to bare and who will proteck our sisters if we don’t. And what does a young ladie amount to after such a report gets out. Their character is gone for ever and they have not the chance to redeem themselves.

(Page 3) Page 7

I wrote to her few days ago but did not say anything about it for I did not want her to know what was in circulation about her. If you think best you can tell her but use your own judgement about it if you want.
Any of the particulars in regard to the letter let me now and I will find out the letter. The letter has been burn but that does not satisfy me.
Trusting I may hear from you soon as it will relieve my mind of a heavy burden. I will close.
Ever your brother
G.W. Cummins
P.S. Please send me two dollars worth of paper and envelopes by male if you have not sent them. I rec’d my meat and tobacco
Also Thom Morton rec’d his.

(Page 8)

P.S. Isaac (Lu…?) wants you to send him one silk hankerchief-packet-and charge the same to his acct. also one for suspenders by male.

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