Letter from Abraham C. Cummins to David Cummins - 13 JUN 1863

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Letter from Abraham C. Cummins to David Cummins - 13 JUN 1863



Letter written by Abraham C. Cummins to his brother David Cummins on 13 JUN 1863.


Abraham C. Cummins


13 JUN 1863













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St. Louis Mo
June 13th 1863
Dear Brother:
Inclosed you will find a letter from George and you will be pleased to find him in such fine health and spirits. I have counseled him not to say or do anything in politics. It might be well for you to do the same. Now that the (canvass?) is opened, a pressure will be made to have him use his influence in one way or the other. He should only care to see that his company vote for whom they please and should not attempt to bias or prejudice or allow them to be biased or prejudiced. They should have the widest and fullest liberty in

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the exercise of their election franchise. Whether they be right or wrong is a moral matter—which God will not hold superior officers responsible for. I have so advised him from time to time—
The democrats of Ohio “have gone and done it”—I expected they would. Somehow I still hope that good may come out of evil and that we will leave a plentiful, peaceful and prosperous country to those who come after us.
The German Radicals—exiles of /48—are very bitter on the President and his gradual emancipation policy. They are Girondists in policy and Jackobius at heart. They “come to destroy and not to fulfill” their duties as good citizens. They can tear down, but cannot build up anything, unless it be a

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“beer saloon.” There is a worse species of treason than copperheadism. Yet I am not aware that any have seen the inside of Bastiles. They sent a delegation to counsel the President—and he told them a “joke.” The laugh didn’t come in to suit them and now they are talking about “Nero fiddling and Rome burning.” If the Constitution must be completely revolutionized let it be done by Americans and not by men branded as outcast from the old world. I manage to keep moderately well. Remember me to mother and my sisters and accept for yourself and family my best wishes.

A.C. Cummins
St. Louis
Box 2757 Mo

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