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Memorial Building, Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield Memorial Building, 34 Park Avenue West, from the south side of the street. This building housed the Mansfield Public Library prior to the Carnegie Library being Built. Today it is the Mansfield Memorial Museum. A streetcar is visible on…

Park Avenue West from Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio

View looking down Park Ave. West from Main Street. A street car heads up Park Ave. West.

Park Ave. Looking West from Bowman St., Mansfield, Ohio

A view looking west on Park Avenue West from Bowman St. A streetcar and horse and buggy are present in the photograph.

Marion Avenue and Park Ave, West, Mansfield, Ohio

View looking down Marion Avenue from Park Avenue West. St. Luke's Church sits at the point and a streetcar is visible on Park Avenue West.

Snow Storm Nov. 10, 1913, Mansfield, O.

Depicts snow and ice on streetcar and several buildings in downtown Mansfield.