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The Mansfield Hay and Grain Co.

The Mansfield Hay and Grain Company was located at 195 East Fourth St. In the image a man and woman stand in front of the store while a child crawls into a wagon below them.

The Baxter Stove Co.

The entire Baxter family would move to Mansfield to work for the new Baxter Stove Company, which was incorporated on May 31, 1883, with a capital stock of $60,000. In August of 1883, the company sent its first shipment, containing 62 stoves, to Fort…

Westinghouse Workers

Nine men in three rows pose outside a door marked with the "W" of Westinghouse Electric. A note with the photo identifies the men as the "tool and die" department at Westinghouse. Seven of the men wear oily aprons. The two standing in back wear…

Mansfield Sheet and Tin Plate Co. Offices

The office building for the Mansfield Sheet and Tin Plate Co. located at 913 Bowman St., Mansfield, Ohio was completed around 1919.

Steel Mill, Mansfield, Ohio

The plant was originally built in 1908-09 and formally opened in June of 1909 as the National Sheet Steel Co. A few months later, the company was reorganized as the National Rolling Mill Co. In 1914, the plant was bought by the Davey Brothers and…

Mansfield Tire and Rubber

Five unidentified employees on the factory floor at the Mansfield Tire and Rubber Company.

Mansfield Tire and Rubber - Row of Hand Building Tire Stands

The larger sizes of fabric Tires are made wholly by hand. Here the fabric is laid and stretched, ply by ply, over iron cores.

Mansfield Tire and Rubber - Rolling Inner Tubes

Un-vulcanized rubber in long sheets is rolled four plies thick – laminated – on poles of burnished steel wrapped with tape and “cured” in big cylinders

Mansfield Tire and Rubber - Inspecting Crude Rubber

Several employees at the Mansfield Tire Co. inspecting crude rubber.

Mansfield Tire and Rubber - Preparing Rubber Stock

Here the rubber, as it comes from the Calender, is cut to proper length, gauged and inspected, then placed in books or pockets ready for the Tire builders.