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Where we came from!

Where we came from! the ancestors and descendants of Carl A. Baker & Mary Mabelle Dunlap Baker, including the allied lines of Lybarger, Hedrick, Crall, Laser, Feslwr, Blocker, Kerr, Jewell, Wentz, Sheibley, Bloom, Campbell, and many others

The Beck family in America

1. Pennsylvania Province -- 2. The log of the ship Lydia -- 3. When Grandfather Beck died -- 4. Col. Leonard Beck -- 5. Settling down to farming -- 6. Family graveyard -- 7. Michael Beck -- Leonard Beck -- Grandparents -- Daniel Beck -- 8. Family…

Family history of Joseph Troendly and Margaret (Deibel) Troendly

Joseph Troendly was born in Schauffhausen, Baden Germany, near Switzerland, on April 15, 1805. He was married on October 13, 1838, to Margaret Anne Deibel.

The Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Balyeat, Bolyard, and allied families

Genealogy of three Balliet families. Paulus Balliet (1717-1777) emigrated from France to Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania in 1738. He married Marie Magdalena Wotring (1721-1802). Joseph Balliet was born in Lorraine, France, the son of Abraham Baillet…

The History of the Michael Beem Family

The names Beem, Beam, Boehme, Behm, Bame, Bohm, etc., all came from the common name of Boehm which is German and signifies great physical strength. Many attempts have been made to claim as the common ancestor, Jacob Boehme, the great European mystic…

Arnold Luckey Family Ties

Comprehensive in form and extensive in scope. Showing the exact connection and giving the complete line and lineage of the Drusilla Arnold Ancestors and Descendants in perfect order from Alfred the Great, King of England, born 849, down to the last…

Amsbaughs in the United States

All known Amsbaugh first names (with parentage, spouse, or source and date of birth).

Reference only, cannot be borrowed, must be viewed in Sherman Room

An Account of the Surname Maclean, or Macghillean

From the manuscript of 1751, and A sketch of the life and writings of Lachlan MacLean, with other information pertaining to the clan Maclean. Maclean family, Macghillean family.Item available online here.

The Aby Family; The Eaby Family; Progeny of Theodorus Eby

Aby family, Eaby family, Ebi family, Ebie family, and Eby family, Cole family, Stanton family, and Barnes family.Item available online here.

Colonial Documentary History of Theodorus Eby

Aby family, Ebi family, Ebie family, and Eby family. Item available online here.