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Mansfield Court House and Fire Bell

P-32B ct hse fire bell.jpg
Photo taken from the northeast side of Central Park toward the "old" courthouse. To the far right is the fire bell that for many years alerted volunteers that there was a fire. The left half of the photo is taken up by the domed courthouse that was…

Court House, Mansfield, O

P-32A ct hse burholder photo.jpg
A photo of the Courthouse from a slight elevation--probably the second story of the May Building or another nearby building.

Local Happening at Court House

P-31 Court House.jpg
Large crowd gathered in front of the Richland County Courthouse. Possibly a political rally or speech.

Hog Day in Mansfield

P-30D hog day 1-7-1862.jpg
Photo taken on a snowy January day looking southeast across North Park Street to the Richland County Courthouse. The photo, which was probably taken from the second floor of a building near the corner of North Park and North Main Street, looks down…

Court House and Methodist Episcopal Church

P-30B ct.hse-mechurch.jpg
Winter view looking east from an elevation near the intersection of West Market Street and North Main Street. Photo shows frost covered trees in the park, the tall steeple of the Methodist Episcopal (Central Methodist) Church and, across East Market…

Stereoscopic View of Court House

P-30A stereocourth1873.jpg
Stereoscopic view of Richland County's second and third courthouses. This winter view was taken from an elevation on North Park Street. In the foreground is the massive four-columned Greek revival courthouse. On North Park Street in front of the…

Greek Revival Court House being Demolished

P-29A Court House.jpg
The new courthouse at Park Avenue East and South Diamond had recently opened, making it possible to demolish the old one that sat on the north side of Central Park, facing North Park Street. This view looks at the columned front of the building. The…