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Tracy & Avery Bldg., Mansfield, Ohio

Image of the Tracy & Avery Building on the corner of North Diamond and East Fifth St. This building is still standing and is the home to Home and Kitchen Supply.


Billy Clapper's Bon Ton Restaurant

Proprietor William Clapper and his dog stand next to the front door of the Bon Ton Restaurant in Butler. Window signs identify the restaurant while metal signs above the windows and doors advertise Coca Cola and Quality 5 cent cigars.

The Home of the A. C. Lantz Company

Front view of the A. C. Lantz company. Appeared to be a dry goods store in downtown Mansfield.

The Mansfield Hay and Grain Co.

The Mansfield Hay and Grain Company was located at 195 East Fourth St. In the image a man and woman stand in front of the store while a child crawls into a wagon below them.