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A black and white photograph of the remains of a ruined building. Debris litters the ground and posts stick up in the foreground, and in the background several small figures in hats stand in front of the remaining wall of the building.

Merchants' Carnival Week (Riverside, CA)

A black and white photograph of a street fair, identified as the Merchants' Carnival Week in Riverside, California from April 14-21, 1900. Notable buildings visible include the Hayt and the Loring building.

Man with Two Horses

A black and white photograph of a young man holding two horses by the bridle. There is another person and a buggy in the left background and a building in the right background.

View over Valley

A black and white photograph of a valley with peaks in the background. There are two rectangles of white space on the left and right where the negative was damaged by tape.


A black and white photograph of agroup of buildings on the hillsisde over a body of water. One building says "Miramar" on the roof.

Ghriss Ringsens Boat Stand

A black and white photograph across a body of water showing the Metropole and a boat stand with a sign reading "Chriss Ringsens Boat Stand"

House with Rocking Chair

A black and white photograph of a house with light siding and a rocking chair on the porch.

House with Stonework

A black and white photo of a large house with a front porch of stone block.

Men with Pigs

A black and white photograph of five pigs in an enclosure. A man in a dark coat with a hat and moustache stands in the back corner of the pigs' enclosure while another man looks in from outside the fence.

Man in Bowler Hat by River

A black and white photograph of a man in a jacket and vest with a bow tie and a bowler hat holding a stick while standing on the bank of a stream.