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Mansfield Fire Department & Jail

Mansfield City Building/Fire Department (bays facing Park Avenue West). View south on South Walnut. The jail is the stone building with the bell tower behind the fire station.

The School Library Tax Repealed

An article about the repeal of the School Library Tax.

1882 Map West Fourth and North Main

1882 map showing where Richland Carrousel Park sits today on the corner of West Fourth and North Main Streets. On the Corner is the Z. S. Stocking Building.


The Mansfield Library Association

The first mention of the Mansfield Library Association in Mansfield city directory.

District School Library

An article noting the first circulating library in Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield Savings Bank

Mansfield Savings Bank after the building was remodeled in 1888 completely changing the appearance. An addition was made to the rear and the Mansard roof was removed and replaced with gables and a turret. This image was taken from a check once…

Mansfield Savings Bank

On Wednesday, October 15, 1873, Mansfield Savings Bank officially opened for business. The following week the Ohio Liberal newspaper described the building as being “renaissance style, two stories in height, with Mansard roof. The beautiful design is…

Westbrook Outing Club Clubhouse

Photo of the original Westbrook Outing Club. On the Fourth of July, 1902, the new clubhouse was formally opened. The Mansfield News wrote that “no finer constructed clubhouse and no more elegantly designed summer house is to be found anywhere than…

Westbrook Outing Club

Postcard image of the Westbrook Outing Club clubhouse near North Lake Park. The photo shows the clubhouse on a small knoll. A group of golfers appears on the golf course to the left in the photo while another group gathers in front of the…

The Key - Vol. 16, No. 3

The St. Peter's High School (Mansfield, Ohio) Newspaper.