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John Sherman - Senator (1892)

P-505 Sen. Sherman 1892.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in 1892 when he was serving a term as U.S. Senator from Ohio.

John Sherman - U.S. Congressman (1858)

P-500 Portrait John Sherman age 35.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman at age 35. At this time he was a U.S. Congressman from Ohio.

John Sherman - Senator (1873)

P-502 1773 In san francisco.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in San Francisco in 1873. At this time Sherman was a U.S. Senator from Ohio.

John Sherman - Secretary of Treasury (1879)

P-503 1879 J. sherman sec. of treasury.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in 1879 when he was Secretary of the Treasury. On the back is a comment from his daughter, Mary Stewart Sherman. (I Prefer this one taken when he was Sec'y of the Treasury - 1879)

John Sherman - Senator (1880's)

P-504A John sherman 1882 right side view.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in the 1880s when he was serving another term as U.S. Senator. The photos were taken in a studio called "Mora" in New York.

Bones Restaurant--Northwest Territories 150th Parade

P-6 NW Territories 150th.jpg
A man and woman in period costume push a pram down West Fourth Street as part of the parade commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Northwest Territory. Bones Restaurant sits on the north side of the street, just to the west of Citizens Bank.

Aviator Rogers Leaving Mansfield, O. - 1911

Cal Rogers made Mansfield a stop on the first North American trans-Atlantic flight in 1911. The plane, the Vin Fiz (A a popular brand of grape soda), landed on a field north of Mansfield, near the sight of Mansfield-Lahm Airport.

News Aviation Meet--Curtis-Machine

P-1B news aviation meet 1.jpg
Pilot Beckworth Havens at the controls of his Curtis flying machine at the Richland County Fairgrounds off Springmill Street. The Mansfield News sponsored the event, which was cancelled once due to poor weather. Charles F. Walsh brought the Curtis…

L. W. Vail Livery - 62 S. Diamond St.

L. W. Vail Livery located at 62 S. Diamond St.

Antique Truck during the 150th Northwest Territory Parade

A crowd watches the 150th Northwest Territory Parade as an antique truck passes by, also in the background is a delivery truck for Mansfield Bakery.