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SR-2018.4.119 - World War 2 Envelopes

SR_2018_4_119 - World War 2 Envelopes.pdf
The collection contains 86 envelopes dealing with World War II, two of the envelopes are addressed to George M. Schrack at Perrysville, Ohio.

The envelopes depict various American patriotic symbols, such as an eagle, the flag, soldiers,…

SR-2018.3.1517 - City of Mansfield Annual Reports

SR_2018_3_1517 - City of Mansfield Annual Reports.pdf
The collection contains 44 booklets containing the annual report for the city of Mansfield, Ohio. Many have duplicates and some of the booklets contain photographs of the city. Most of the booklets are in fair condition.

SR-2018.3.355 - MHS Pamphlets

SR_2018_3_355 - MHS Pamphlets.pdf
The collection consists of commencement programs from 1897-1993, Class Day programs from 1967, 1970, and 1972-1976, play and concert programs from 1912-1970, Varsity Varieties, Annual Reviews, and other miscellaneous programs.
Some of the earlier…

SR-2018.3.1447 - Mastersingers - William Klinger Collection

SR_2018_3_1447 - Mastersingers Klinger Collection.pdf
This collection contains various music programs, including, mainly, the Mastersingers. The collection also includes programs from The Civic Music League of Mansfield, The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra and various college programs. Also included are…

SR-2018.3.135 - Victorian Era Photo Album

SR_2018_3_135 - Victorian Era Photo Album.pdf
This is a red velvet album. The album consists of 18 portrait photographs of unknown origin; the first photograph has Fritz Heineking recently written on back. Images appear to be part of a family album. The photographers include Pollen,…