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John Sherman - Senator (1880's)

P-504A John sherman 1882 right side view.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in the 1880s when he was serving another term as U.S. Senator. The photos were taken in a studio called "Mora" in New York.

John Sherman - Secretary of Treasury (1879)

P-503 1879 J. sherman sec. of treasury.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in 1879 when he was Secretary of the Treasury. On the back is a comment from his daughter, Mary Stewart Sherman. (I Prefer this one taken when he was Sec'y of the Treasury - 1879)

John Sherman - Senator (1873)

P-502 1773 In san francisco.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman taken in San Francisco in 1873. At this time Sherman was a U.S. Senator from Ohio.

John Sherman - U.S. Congressman (1858)

P-500 Portrait John Sherman age 35.jpg
Portrait of John Sherman at age 35. At this time he was a U.S. Congressman from Ohio.