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The Home of the A. C. Lantz Company

Front view of the A. C. Lantz company. Appeared to be a dry goods store in downtown Mansfield.

John E. Angle - Angle Groceries

John E. Angle in front of his first grocery store at 8 and 10 South Park St. In 1912 Angle Grpcery moved to 18 South Park St. John E. Angle was born on June 18, 1861, in Shippensburg, Pa. He arrived in Mansfield, Ohio in 1880 and immediately…

Smokehouse Bowling Alley at 53 North Main

A group of well-dressed men stand in front of the Smokehouse Bowling and Billiards at 53 North Main--the Bird Building. A display of baseball mitts, masks, and other equipment sits behind the large glass window. Also visible, a "baseball" sign with…

Billy Clapper's Bon Ton Restaurant

Proprietor William Clapper and his dog stand next to the front door of the Bon Ton Restaurant in Butler. Window signs identify the restaurant while metal signs above the windows and doors advertise Coca Cola and Quality 5 cent cigars.