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The Bird Building

The Bird Building was constructed in 1896 by Sharpless E. Bird after he acquired a portion of the Wiler Block from Mary (Wiler) Cook, the daughter of John Jacob Cook.

The Wiler

This is what remained of the Wiler House after a portion was demolished in 1895 to make room for the Bird Building.

The Wiler House

The five-story Wiler House Hotel in the late 1800s. The post office was near the center of the building. The archway once served as an entrance to a rear courtyard for stagecoaches. In its heyday, the hotel hosted such luminaries as John D.…

The Wiler - Gas Explosion

Photo of a large crowd gathered in front of the Wiler House, 59 North Main Street following a gas explosion that injured more than a dozen on October 11, 1911. The Wiler was demolished in May of 1927.

Mansfield Fire Department - Station No. 1

View of Mansfield Fire Dept. Station No. 1. Horses and wagons standing ready in front of the building. Located at the Southeast corner of Walnut and Park Ave. West.

Mansfield Fire Department & Jail

Mansfield City Building/Fire Department (bays facing Park Avenue West). View south on South Walnut. The jail is the stone building with the bell tower behind the fire station.

Layman "Billy" May in front of Branyan Bros.

Lyman May.jpg
Layman "Billy" May stand in front of the Branyan Bros. coal office. May ran the coal office, which was owned by William and Milton Branyan, for a number of years. The office was located at 167 North Main. St.

Newman Building

The Newman Block on North Park Street is the scene of an unidentified celebration. Flags and streamers hang from the open windows. A cannon sits on planks extended from the center window on the second floor. The businesses advertised on signs and…