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Along with coin and stamp collecting, Deltiology, or postcard collecting, is one of the largest collectable hobbies in the world. Postcards are popular because of the wide range of subjects, from historical buildings, famous people, art, holidays and more. These images can be used to help trace the history of a place and show what buildings and people were important to a community at that time. This collection shows various scenes from Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio, the dates range primary from 1890-1920.

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Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio
Photo looking south on North Main Street from Temple Court. The Masonic Lodge/Post Office is off to the left. Louis Sam's Laundry is to the right, on the west side of the street. Streetlight arches arc over the street and three streetcars pass one…

Westbrook Outing Club
Postcard image of the Westbrook Outing Club clubhouse near North Lake Park. The photo shows the clubhouse on a small knoll. A group of golfers appears on the golf course to the left in the photo while another group gathers in front of the…

Mansfield Savings Bank, Mansfield, Ohio
On Wednesday, October 15, 1873, Mansfield Savings Bank officially opened for business. The following week the Ohio Liberal newspaper described the building as being “renaissance style, two stories in height, with Mansard roof. The beautiful design…
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